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Wardley Primary School

Equality and Inclusion

At Wardley Primary School, we are committed to providing effective learning opportunities for all pupils. Across all subjects, we apply our principles for inclusion to planning, teaching and resources. Suitable learning challenges will be set for all pupils with the aim of maximizing achievement at an appropriate level for each individual. Teachers will respond appropriately to pupils’ diverse learning needs and be aware of the needs of differing genders, special educational needs, disability, sexuality, as well as different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds. We are committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and this is reflected in the curriculum offered to pupils and in the conduct of staff and pupils.

To ensure equal opportunities for all, our school will:

* Provide equality of opportunity for each student, enabling every individual to fulfil their potential and so have choice in life;
* Be sure there is no discrimination against people because of gender, racial origin, home and religious background, home language, disability, sexual orientation, age or appearance;
* Recognise, celebrate and value differences amongst people;
* Discourage strongly the expression of any prejudice or discrimination;
* Have high expectations of all members of the school community;
* Prepare students to take their place in a diverse society;
* Be sure that equal opportunity issues can be raised freely in school.

Equality Scheme & Accessibility Plan 2023-2026