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Wardley Primary School

Breakfast and After-school Club

We work in conjunction with a private provider who has developed before and after school provision for children from our school.

Breakfast Club

B4@Wardley (Before at Wardley) is situated in our lower school building and is available for children from Wardley Primary School whose parents/carers require them to be looked after from an earlier time.

There are currently different prices depending on the time your child arrives at breakfast club: £5 from 7.15am (with breakfast), £4 from 7.45am (with breakfast) and £2 for a 8.25am (without breakfast)*. The session ends at 8.45am, when children are taken to their classrooms. This service is offered to children from Nursery through to Year 6.

During the session, children are provided with healthy breakfast options including cereal, toast and fruit juice. Once breakfast has been eaten, a range of activities are offered such as board games, art-based activities and Lego.

All fees must be paid in advance or on the day and all children must be registered with the provider before they can start attending. Booking is advisable but not necessary once they are registered. 

Enquiries should be made by contacting:

Tel: 07934633418

Email: l8r.at.wardley@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook:  l8r@wardley

*Prices correct September 2023

After-School Club

L8r@ Wardley (Later at Wardley) starts at 3.15pm and finishes at 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. The group is based in the Key Stage One Annex but has access to the KS1 hall and a large outdoor space. Children are supported to take part in various games, arts & crafts and play activities as well as regular themed sessions. Drinks and snacks are provided within the cost.

There are two different costs:

- sessions until 4pm are £5.00 

- sessions until 5.30pm are £8.00

There is also a prepaid discount offer of 10 sessions for £70.

Places must be booked in advance to ensure staff ratios are correct. All fees must be paid in advance or on the day.

Enquiries, registration and bookings should be made by contacting:

Tel: 07934633418

Email: l8r.at.wardley@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: l8r@wardley

*Prices correct September 2023