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Wardley Primary School

School Meals

Wardley Primary School is committed to ensuring that all children have access to a healthy school meal every day. Children will never be denied this access regardless of any circumstances.

A healthy diet is essential in supporting children to fulfil their potential. Eating the right food will help children to concentrate in class as well as helping them to feel good mentally and physically. Eating a well-balanced diet will support general health and help build up immunities to regular illnesses.

School Meals

At Wardley, our meals are provided by Gateshead Catering Service and meet strict nutritional standards which are regulated nationally. There are a variety of meals set out over a three week cycle which include a daily main meal, vegetarian option, jacket potato or sandwich. A pudding/cake dessert is available each day but children can also choose fruit, crackers or yoghurt as an alternative. To provide flexibility, children can choose to have a school meal any day of the week and interchange with a packed lunch option. The current menu can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Wardley School Meals Menu 2023-2024

Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy 2024 – 2027

Packed Lunch

If parents/carers or children do not choose a school meal they can opt to bring a packed lunch from home. Our packed lunch policy, which can be downloaded below, came into place in 2016. The policy makes clear that only one ‘treat’ item should be included per day with the rest of the meal being as balanced and healthy as possible.

Packed Lunch Policy 2024 – 2027

If parents/carers require any support in relation to health matters, particularly healthy eating, they should make contact with their child’s class teacher. The school will endeavour to support or engage with agencies (e.g. the school nurse) that can offer appropriate advice.