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Online Safety

Technology has impacted society in many positive ways, particularly with children, who can now access the world like never before.  At the tip of their fingers, children can find the answers to most questions but they can also see what it is like on the other side of the world, and beyond, in an instance.  Communication has never been easier but no longer constrained to written forms, with real time video conversations ensuring that friends and family are never too far away.

However, unfortunately, there are the inevitable dangers that come with such technology.  Without a full appreciation of how the technology works, children can be greatly vulnerable on-line and it is clear that the potential risks are increasing at the same rate that technology develops.

It is essential that schools work with families to support children in learning about how to use technology safely so that the huge benefits can be had whilst reducing the potential risks.  At Wardley, we ensure that children are taught about the dangers of technology but also how they can keep themselves safe; in specific sessions, classes will explore various contexts and identify how to react in different situations for their benefit and the benefit of others.

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