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Sports Premium

At Wardley, we feel that children cannot learn to their full potential without developing their health and fitness. All children in KS1 and KS2 have two sessions of PE per week where children will be introduced to games, gymnastics, dance, swimming (Y5) and outdoor pursuits as well as circuit training. A great many children in our school find that sport is a particular passion and we have various teams which compete in local competitions.

Our aim is that children will form a life-long love of sport and exercise, not just for the health benefits but for the joy, sense of pride and achievement that it can bring. At Wardley, we have always had a strong sporting tradition but with the support of the Government Sports Premium funding, we have been able to develop our practice through improved opportunity, resources and teaching skill.

Below are the annual plans which show how the Sports Premium has been spent and the resulting outcomes.

Current Year:


Previous Years: